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Provog Ego

An inexpensive Ego class starting kit 

Provog Ego is the first, large format Provog e-cigarette. The e-cigarette's very attractive price tag makes it an excellent choice for anyone wishing to try Ego class e-smoking without spending much. The simple, entry kit contains all "starter" items - a high capacity battery, a proven Crystal 2 clearomizer e-smoking system and a USB charger. The kit can be extended with Volish components, compatible with Provog Ego (e-smoking systems, additional batteries, a 230V plug, etc.)

There is no plug for charging the e-cigarette directly from the electrical socket in the kit.

The target clientele

  • those wishing to try Ego class e-smoking without spending much,
  • occasional e-smokers.
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Papieros znakomicie sie nadaje nie tylko, do siegania po niego sporadycznie ale i czestego korzystania z e-papierosa. Jak dla mnie super e-pap za niewielkie pieniadze :)

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