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eSmoking World is a part of CHIC Group. Our core business is the production and sales of branded electronic cigarettes, liquids and e-smoking accessories.

Currently, eSmoking World is the largest, multi-brand sales network of e-cigarettes in Europe. We believe that our products are a guarantee of the highest quality. With our customers' trust we can keep growing, set market standards and adjust the portfolio to satisfy the needs of increasingly demanding customers. Since 2015 we have been a part of the British American Tobacco Group.

We never stop making investments in the development of our products quality and safety.

The eSmoking World's portfolio covers dozens of electronic cigarette and liquid brands, such as Volish, Milp, P1, Vype, Liqueen, Provog, Cottien, Mr Jack, Frog, Bern, Revolt, Cloud'n'Base, Wheelspring, eFlavors, Joyetech, Aspire, Eleaf, Wismec, Tesla, Innokin, Vaporesso, Council Of Vapour, UD, Smoktech, Sigelei, Vapros, Smoant.

Our brands are also available in the best e-cigarette shops in Poland, in the Żabka network and in gas stations Orlen, Statoil, Lukoil, Lotos and Shell.

Liquids produced in Poland, in own factory

eSmoking Liquids is one of Europe's most modern manufacturing facilities specializing in the production of nicotine fluids, located in Rojów, near Ostrzeszów.

eSmoking Liquids

The factory has first-class technology and production facilities. All liquids manufactured by eSmoking Liquids are certified to the highest standards (laboratory tests, restrictive quality control).

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The widest portfolio

of electronic cigarettes and liquids

Quality and safety

thanks to QC&RD lab of the eSmoking Institute

A modern factory

of eSmoking Liquids

The biggest employer

British American Tobacco Group in Poland

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