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The widest portfolio of brands of e-cigarettes and liquids

Consumers of electronic cigarettes use our products to search for experiences they know from the times of smoking classic cigarettes.

We try to understand the needs of people seeking alternatives for classic cigarettes. Our extensive portfolio of brands with different technical parameters, varying intensity and flavors is a guaranteed satisfaction for traditional smokers searching for a substitute and for the more advanced e-cigarette users.

Our portfolio covers dozens of electronic cigarette and liquid brands, such as

  • Vuse
  • Vype
  • Volish
  • P1
  • Cottien
  • Provog
  • Cloud'n'Base
  • Wheelspring
  • GeekVape
  • Aspire
  • Freemax
  • Innokin
  • Joyetech
  • Venilo
  • Vaporesso
  • Wismec
  • Dinner Lady

Our products are available in the best e-cigarette shops in Poland, in Żabka and Freshmarket networks and in leading gas stations.


Electronic cigarettes are modern substitutes of classic cigarettes, and operate as inhalers.

The device supplies nicotine to the body, by evaporating liquid made on the basis of gliceryn and propylene glycol, with no tar substances and carbon monoxide.


A liquid is a special, nicotine liquid for refilling e-cigarettes.

The liquid's base is propylene glycol, glycerin and aromas. Liquids are available in various flavor versions: tobacco, menthol and fruit. The content of nicotine varies across liquids – we offer liquid of various intensities, from 0 mg/ml to 20 mg/ml.

The widest portfolio

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