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Reduced harmful effects and safety

Our experts boast globally unique knowledge of electronic cigarettes.

Only in the last year the highly specialized eSmoking Institute's QC & RD lab tested several hundred products available in the market.

eSmoking Institute is the first research institution in Europe to specialize in testing new gen products that are an alternative to traditional tobacco products. Our knowledge comes from using the latest technological solutions and we share our experience with experts from the entire world. Aerosol generated by electronic cigarettes does not contain tar substances and carbon monoxide. By testing the content of liquids and aerosols we can be sure that products that reach the consumers satisfy the restrictive quality control requirements.

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The widest portfolio

of electronic cigarettes and liquids

Quality and safety

thanks to QC&RD lab of the eSmoking Institute

A modern factory

of eSmoking Liquids

The biggest employer

British American Tobacco Group in Poland

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